How Do Braces Work?

This video created by Médico Dental Pardiñas is playing various music while the viewer watches the procedure of getting adult braces sea girt.
Braces used to be just for kids but now adults also can create a better smile through braces which are done by going to an orthodontist. An orthodontist can suggest adult braces sea girt that works best with your teeth.

Video Source

The video shows the starting process of getting braces. First, the teeth are polished so there is a clean surface to apply the dental brackets. These brackets support other needed items. After polishing, an adhesive is applied to the tooth then a bracket is put in place to hold the actual braces and components.

Different materials and items are used in orthodontic treatments. They include elastics, wires, micro screws, brackets, and more. The orthodontist also uses different movements to achieve treatment success. The goal is to keep your bones, gums, and teeth healthy and functional no matter the age and avoid any costly damage in the future from a lack of orthodontal treatment.

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