Standing Out From The Crowd Can Be Accomplished By Doing Simple Things Better

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With the fall of Kodak, some outsiders view Rochester as a city in decline. Though Rochester is no longer about cameras, it is starting to redefine its identity, and that new identity is computers. The film industry has given way to the computer imaging industry, including high tech medical imaging technology. Along with this change has come a change in the demographics of Rochester. The city is becoming younger, more savvy, and even hip. As such, if a business wants to stand out in this city, it needs to find ways to make everyday things stand out.

One of these everyday things that can set a business apart from the crowd is email. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 92 percent of adults use email, making it (along with internet searching), one of the top two activities people do online. Even cartoon characters have email addresses. In a 2003 episode of The Simpsons, Homer revealed his email address (chunkylover53 at One of the Simpsons writers responded to emails sent to that account for a time, but the volume of emails soon made it impossible for him to continue.

Email has a long, entertaining history. While there is no agreement on when the first email was sent, we know that electronic text based messages between two users goes back decades. The AT sign between your user name and the hosting name is known by a variety of amusing names around the world. The Dutch call it the apestaart (or monkey’s tail). The Italians refer to it as the chiocciolina (small snail) and the Swedes call it the snabel a (A with an elephant’s trunk). The user name and the AT sign are pretty standard, but one way to give your company a net presence is to turn the hosting name into a commodity by looking into email hosting websites. This way, your company brand will be on every email sent by one of your employees.

A good email service will have a variety of platforms so that you can access your mail from your tablet, smartphone, desktop or any computing device. To get branded emails running through your company computers, a web design company is a necessity. Email is too important to modern business to risk through a patchwork in house version of email hosting. Outside email hosting websites allow you to enjoy the branded email while having the security of outsourcing it to an expert (and these companies will also usually do website hosting, allowing you to run both jobs through one contractor). This will brand your company on all of the computers that receive an email from you, going a long way to helping you stand out in a crowded market.
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