Preventing a Damp Basement Prevents Foundation Repair

Foundation repair cost

Never, ever, underestimate the importance of foundation repair. Why would you? The foundations are what your house is built on, and without it, all of your earthly possessions will collapse into one gigantic implosion.

The best means of foundation repair is to prevent the damage. The question is what causes damage to the foundation of a home. The truth is, a wet basement filled with basement water, is a dangerous one. Thusly, waterproofing your basement is key, and it is vital to any structure that is built at ground level or below ground level. Over the past ten years, there have been developments in polymer based waterproofing products, which have greatly helped.

Seepage finds its way in through the cracks in poured concrete foundations and pipe penetrations. These are the most common entry points that can cause damage. The dampness in your basement also causes more problems than a need for foundation repair. It can also promote vermin, insects and termites. Thusly, if you were to keep your basement dry, and avoid a need for foundation repair, you will also avoid any need for exterminators.

Trust me. I had to repair my foundations, and it was not cheap. If you want to avoid paying an arm and a leg, then you need to contact a waterproofing contractor. If you see water in basements, or leak in basements, then you need to get the foundation repaired while the cost is still low. Then, have it waterproofed.

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