Thinking of a Complete Remodel?

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Hiring custom luxury home builders to for building, home additions and remodeling is a unique and exciting opportunity. Building and complete home remodeling offers the chance to upgrade on appliances and materials, to incorporate technology, and to design new additions to your specifications. The key to a successful remodel is to accomplish a high return on investment, gaining higher value through the process. For example, installation of a 16 x 20 foot wooden deck with posts, railings, and a built in bench and planter might cost nearly $10,000, but offers 77% ROI. In this article, we will consider a few recommendations of quality home builders about planning a remodel with high ROI.

Work With What You’ve Got

Regardless of how you feel about your home, there is one thing that can’t be drastically changed, and that’s the lot. Before any major remodel, it’s important to consider the land surrounding your home. High ROI results when homeowners choose to use the land to their advantage, allowing it to accentuate all the right things about the house. Green home builders might make recommendations about placement of windows and trees to help minimize energy bills. Considerations about view must also be factored in, as well as considerations about landscaping.

Save Your Energy

An essential component of any build or major remodel is a careful electrical planning. The green building market has grown from only two percent of homes built to energy efficient standards in 2005 to 17 percent in 2011. Before building is completed, it is important to meet with an electrician to discuss a home’s electrical needs and to consider energy savings options. Green home builders can make recommendations about energy savings methods.Incorporating energy audits into the renovation process can save money in the long run and reduce your home’s emissions.

Remember SmartHouse?

It’s possible, now. Almost. Technology that was only a gleam in the eyes of technology buffs twenty years ago is now readily and inexpensively available for incorporation into new homes. Contractors and electricians can help plan the incorporation of phone, data, and video technologies to the homeowner’s specifications. The time to plan for multi room audio, CCTV, surround sound, and security systems, among other technologies, is before the home is built. It’s wise to take a walk through before completion so that all of those things can be addressed.

Homes with high ROI are often built by green home builders who can help you construct a home that uses less energy and looks great while doing it. By working with the lot you have, incorporating energy efficient systems, and introducing new technology, you’re sure to construct a home that not only has a high ROI, but that is a pleasure in which to live. For more, read this link.

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