Womens Self-Care in 2022

“Self-care” is a word that has skyrocketed in popularity these past few years. It refers to taking care of one’s health, buth mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Many people tend to forget to take care of any one of these. Several women tend to neglect the emotional wellness category, but these past few years have shown an extremely important spotlight on red flags and signs of emotional abuse. With a new emphasis on mental and emotional health, women everywhere are getting the help they truly deserve and are breaking the stigma against mental illness in the world.

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Practicing this balance between mind and body is vital. This video provides several simple daily tips to improve your self-care. Be sure not to neglect your physical health as well. Address your issues instead of pushing them off. If you aren’t happy with your teeth, book that dental appointment. If you are confused about your anxiety, book a therapy appointment. If you are worried about something regarding intimate parts of yourself, book an appointment with a local gynecologist. You are never alone! Doing what’s best for you is a form of self-care, and don’t ever apologize for it!


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