How Do Auto Shops Estimate Hail Damage Repair?

If your region went through a massive hailstorm and you are in need of hail damage repairs on your car, it’s important to know how they give you an estimate for this. How do they calculate the price of your damage? It’s very important that you understand this because you can know whether or not the autobody shop is giving you a fair price.

In this video, Jack goes through the steps he takes to estimate hail damage repairs for cars that come into his shops. First, he ensures there is a bright light shining over the car, so he can see all of the dents and dings that occurred due to the hail.

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Next, he finds all of the dents and circles them on the car, with a washable marker. This ensures he finds all of the dents and sees how big they are and where the center of each is. The size of the damage and the dents create the price, so the bigger the dent, the higher the price of the entire repair. If you do have any questions about how an auto body repair shop is charging you, ask them to guide you through their process of thinking and creating an estimate.


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