Ultimate Guide to Power Connectors

There are so many power connectors and you may not know half of them. You may have only seen a few of them because there are common ones that are used at home and at school. But, you may be curious to know what other power connectors there are. From IEC and NEMA, there are so many power connectors, including C20 power cords, that you should learn. These power connectors are used frequently in homes, offices, and data centers.

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IEC connectors are either outlet or inlet connectors that use a number system. Odd numbers are the outlets and even numbers are the inlets. This allows you to remember them easier.

NEMA connectors are different. Many older wall outlets in homes and outdated offices are the 1-15 outlets. These are the ones with two prong connections, while the 5-15 outlets are the three prong connections found on wall outlets that have been grounded. 5-20 outlets are very similar to the 5-15 and have three prong connections, but they have an additional horizontal blade and are rated for higher amps.

To learn all about power connectors and find out which ones you may have in your home, watch this entire video.


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