A Look At Racial Bias Training For Police Officers

Racial bias training and implicit bias training both refer to the process that police officers, as well as many other professionals, go through before they start their jobs. For police officers, this training is especially important because they work closely with many different members of their community, who all come from different backgrounds. It is the job of the police officer to look past these differences.

Unconcious decisions are the key here, sometimes humans may make a decision unconsciously or without even thinking. Police need to unlearn this behavior because they are supposed to be fair and impartial leaders in the community.

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As the police officers are constantly being put into different situations it’s important for them to keep their decision-making constant.

By going through this training police officers are able to bring this information back with them and better each other as they try to get rid of their biases. Another important part of understanding the training is that implicit bias is not something that the police offers going through the training should be ashamed of. Instead, the officers should have an understanding that this is a human problem and actively work to fix it every day when they go to work.


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