Preparing to Work With Family Law Mediators

There’s nothing easy about separation, especially when children are involved. However, one way to help resolve issues more smoothly and get the best support for the children is by resorting to using family law mediators, as discussed in the attached video. Below are some tips to help prepare for family mediation.

Prepare the Children’s School Calendar

Discussing the children’s extracurricular activities, holidays and important events will be an important part of any mediation. Having an updated school calendar in hand will provide effective planning concerning the children and ensure an efficient parenting plan is finalized.

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Download a Comprehensive Parenting Plan Checklist

A comprehensive parenting plan checklist is a useful guide to familiarize parents with what needs to be discussed concerning their children and prevent future fights over parental rights of participation in certain aspects of a child’s life.

Speak to a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer can help a parent understand their rights and the best option they can get according to current family law based on their specific circumstances and needs. Having this knowledge before a family mediation will ensure that both parties get the best offer possible and that is recommended to help prepare for a smooth family mediation process.

Complete a Financial Statement

Financial disclosure will need to be conducted for a financial settlement to be reached. Completing a financial settlement before a mediation prevents extension requirements to study the finances, run the numbers and calculations, and allow both parties to reach a settlement and resolution faster and smoother.

Resolve Conflicts Before Mediation

There’s a time and place for everything, and it’s important to know that mediation is not an opportunity to express emotions, throw blame, or try to resolve relationship issues. The mediation will be a lot more effective and efficient when the people involved are focused on the objectives and are on the same page in trying to find the best parenting plan and parenting arrangements for their children.

Choosing family mediation is a much more effective way to find a co-parenting solution and create the needed arrangements for finances and settlements. It’s a cheaper alternative to legal representation and can help parents put their child’s interest first, especially when they understand how to be fully prepared for family mediation.


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