Breaking Down the Differences Between an Aesthetician and Esthetician

Some wonder if there is a difference between an esthetician and an aesthetician. Although both these professions enhance a person’s appearance, there is a difference between them. In this YouTube video, viewers learn about what makes these professions different.

One interesting distinction between the two terms is that the term “esthetician” is more frequently used in the United States, while the term “aesthetician” is more commonly used in Canada. As regards their duties, an esthetician is more regularly tasked with skincare and facials. An aesthetician is frequently tasked with laser treatments, dermatology procedures, and body-shaping materials.

Therefore, an esthetician might be employed in a beauty establishment or day spa, while an aesthetician would be used in a medical spa or dermatology practice. An aesthetician might help someone whose skin was damaged by burns, surgical scars, or chemotherapy. These licensed professionals will also be able to teach their clients skin care techniques to keep their skin looking good after their aesthetic treatments.

Estheticians provide treatments that allow the skin to feel refreshed and clean. If the client has skin that is too oily or too dry, the esthetician can give them treatments to correct those conditions. These professionals will also provide clients with instructions for home skin care, so they can keep their skin healthy.

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