Help for those that owe back taxes

Owe irs taxes

When people owe back taxes to IRS and are threatened with a tax levy, they may not be completely sure which way is the right way to proceed. Under U.S. Federal law, a tax levy is an administrative action that the IRS can use under statutory authority to satisfy a tax liability by seizing property without going to court. People that owe back taxes to IRS auditors will want help of people who not only make their living by help those that owe IRS money, but know the history of tax law as well.

Those that find themselves owing back taxes may be too stressed out to learn everything they need to know, which is why hiring those that can help people who owe back taxes to IRS makes sense. They will know how the first federal income tax was instituted during the Revenue Act of 1861, but how according to the Supreme Court, the power to levy for federal taxes goes all the way back to 1791.

Many mistakes are made by people who do not efile their taxes. In 1989, 36 states allowed people to efile. By 1990, all 50 did. Those that owe irs back taxes may also not know their how the constitution protects them. When someone learns that they owe back taxes to IRS, they may fear getting their property taken. According to the Fifth Amendment, it is forbidden for both federal and state governments to take a persons property without due process of the law. This rule also applies to an IRS levy and people that owe back taxes to IRS.

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