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How to Go All Out for Your Dream Wedding

Planning for a design dream wedding needs good collaboration between the event organizers and the people getting married. It is vital to involve close friends and family members in the plan and gather them in the committee. The steps involved in the planning process are divided into different parts, and failure to involve professional organizers can make the event unsuccessful. The following variables will guide you on how to go all out for your dream wedding;

Create a Budget

Generating a budget for your wedding is one of the most realistic variables to consider during the dream design planning phase. Some couples go to a ballpark and hope that the actual expenditure does not exceed the amount. Others who are more conscious about their expenditure use the spreadsheet to outline how the money will be spent.

The budgeting process is important as it helps couples learn about their spending patterns and rectify them where necessary. You get to learn more about your partner and settle for an accountable and comfortable budget for both parties.

Set the Wedding Date

At the initial stages of planning for a dream wedding, the couples need to select a date to help reserve the venue. When friends and relatives hear about the engagement, the next inquiry is about the date to schedule their event list. The time of the year that you choose to get married greatly affects the budget.

If you are working on an economical budget, you can choose the winter months as there are more vendors in this season. The event organizers can help you settle for the best date depending on the number of weddings and the seasons.

Booking the Venue

A successful dream wedding needs determination of the venue for your wedding and ensures that you visit it in advance. Visiting the location helps you feel what the wedding day will be like. Some couples prefer indoor reception, while others opt for outdoor facilities. Depending on individual needs, tastes, and preferences, it will help you find out about different venues for the big day.

Upon identification of a favorable venue, you can begin making calls to ensure availability for your event. Visiting the location in advance allows you to familiarize yourself with the facilities and have your questions addressed on the spot.

Creating a Guest List

When planning a dream wedding, you need to create a list of guests expected at the event. You can begin with a reservation for family members from both sides. The number of guests will guide you when choosing a venue and generate a budget. Depending on the size of the list, the choices of facilities may vary in cost.

Different venues may have various room options depending on the available space and structures. You also need to decide if your ceremony will be separate from the reception and ensure that the facility can accommodate all your guests.

How to Choose a Wedding Facility

Choosing a wedding and banquet facility for your big day needs the expertise of a planner. They are more familiar with the layout, requirements, items, and time to transform the facility. The design dream wedding planners can easily develop a creative way to make the location unique to suit your needs.

It is important to choose a reception that aligns with your vision without the need for any further changes. If you are planning for a modern wedding, it will help to consider the restaurant spaces, art galleries, and the design of warehouses. For a wedding incorporating natural elements, you may need to look at outdoor facilities such as patios, back yards, parks, and ranches. If the venue is a garden, you should consider garden care before the big day. Choosing a facility that enhances and fits into your theme makes your wedding more connected to the space.

Knowing the number of expected guests will also help you in the choice of a facility. It would help to settle for a venue that comfortably fits the number of guests with an allowance of additional ones. The number will also help you break down the budget as most of the costs depend on guests.

During the design dream wedding, you need to know what is included in the facility. Some venues are full service, while others allow you to bring in your d├ęcor and vendors. It will help compare the estimates for renting your accessories or getting a facility with linens, chairs, and tables.

If you work in an outdoor kitchen, you need to plan for additional costs such as bottled water and other beverages. You may need to factor in gratuity and tax in your budget calculations for a venue with in-house catering. It is important to come up with a list of non-negotiable things you would need on your wedding day, such as fireworks or ice sculptures, and ensure that they are available.

Remember to consider the lighting in the facility. Make sure that there is sufficient lighting to complement the theme of your dream wedding. It will help to avoid reliance on sunlight, and in case there is not plenty of lighting, you need to create your sources in advance. The space you choose should complement your personality and represent who you are. You need to take time and settle for a theme that is comfortable and feels authentic for both parties.

Creating a Custom Wedding Dress

During the design dream wedding, brides visit multiple bridal shops searching for a gown, but even after trying on many designs, some do not find the suitable one. Most of them understand what they need, but they may not find their dream wedding gown. In such cases, a custom tailored bridal gown is the best solution. Brides can work with a designer to cut the fabric, personalize the style, and add additional details.

A custom made wedding dress is inspired by the vision of a bride and involves the following process;

Consultation with the Designer

The first step in creating a custom-tailored bridal gown involves consultation with your designer. You can get a designer with the help of your planner or search for one on online platforms. It is important to look at the already created gowns to ensure that their style matches what you need. During the consultation, the designer will gather information about the big day, such as the color, theme, and time of the year when the wedding will be held.

The specific elements needed in the dress are also discussed, but in some situations, the bride may not know how to explain the technical elements and details of the choice of dress. The consultation allows the designer to assess the bridal body shape, which helps make recommendations for different body types.

Creation of a Fashion Illustration

Designers work to modify the designs to ensure that they match the bride’s dream for her wedding. After consultation, the designer comes up with fashion illustrations of design options to choose from. Once the design is chosen, body measurements are taken to help develop patterns with a perfect fit. The designer may then create a mockup that allows the bride to see how they appear in the dress.

The fashion illustration allows for changes to be made before making the gown. The dress may need two to three fittings to perfect the gown’s shape before the wedding day.


The cost of a custom bridal dress depends on the cost of raw materials and the complexity of the design. As you create your design dream wedding dress, you need to have a specific budget to work with. The designer can make recommendations that are based on your budget. You also need to factor in the cost of alterations to make the dress fit you right.

The timeline for the custom wedding dress needs to be identified in the planning process. It would help if you found out the time needed for your gown to be ready for the big day.

Why a Custom Made Wedding Dress

The process of making a custom dress for your wedding is a fun process that gives your big day a special meaning. The time taken to have the dress ready may be long, and the cost of making it could be higher, but it creates fulfillment and satisfaction for the bride. The gown brings out your individuality and uniqueness. Working with a designer to make your gown allows you to express your style and tastes in a manner worth celebrating.

A custom-made dress is more comfortable and fits your body to perfection. The design process is about personal style, and the designer guides you in making the best decisions regarding the outfit for your big day. The experience of designing your dress creates a long-term memory that highlights the wedding preparation journey.

How to Serve Sushi at a Wedding

Apart from treating your guests to a buffet at your design dream wedding, you can also incorporate really good sushi into the outdoor kitchen menu. It enhances the cocktail hour and is an innovative meal for your wedding brunch. The various ways to serve sushi at your wedding are:

  • As a dessert – Really good sushi can be a delicious dessert instead of the normal rice or salmon. You should consider replacing the soy sauce with caramel, chocolate, and fruit sauces for dipping.
  • As the main meal – If you want to give your guests something different on the big day, you should ask your caterer to create sushi bowls that can accommodate bigger serving portions.
  • A late-night snack – Apart from gourmet pizzas, you can serve your audience with trays of sushi around midnight. Late-night snacks enhance the mood of your guests and fuel the party to go on all night long.
  • Post-wedding bite – When you want to take your post-wedding brunch menu to another level, you can add some breakfast sushi to the spread. Remember to include both vegetable and meat options to have everyone enjoy the servings. You can also enhance the quality of the meal by adding more creative flavors.

Custom Wedding Jewelry

You can design dream wedding rings that complement your personality and are unique to your union. When choosing a ring for your big day, it should be something that you adore and best suits your needs. You need to start the custom jewelry design early enough to ensure that your rings are ready before the big day. To create a custom ring, you need to have visual inspiration images to help you figure out what you need. When creating your design, you can borrow colors, settings, and bands from others.

When creating your wedding ring, you can choose any metal you prefer or even blend different alloys. It is important to ask family members and friends for recommendations from reputable jewelry experts. It would help if you worked with a jeweler ready to create rings that match your style and experience the custom ring process.

It is commendable for brides to select a special stone for their jewelry. You can shop around different shops during the design dream wedding process and choose a special precious stone. You will also need to choose a cut for your ring, which could be an oval, emerald, round, cushion, or pear. If you are looking for a unique style, you can choose to leave your stone uncut. Custom wedding rings are available in different colors, including platinum, rose, yellow and white gold. Whether you are looking for nature or a floral wedding, the artisans can work with your preferences.

The design dream wedding process needs proper planning to be successful. Marriage is among the critical milestones in life and marks the beginning of a new phase. It is, therefore, an important occasion that needs to create long-term memories for couples. You may not have the time to put together all the preparations needed to organize your wedding. It is therefore commendable to hire a professional planner to help you with decision-making and meetings.

Wedding planners guide you through the entire design dream wedding process and ensure that you make the best decisions for the most memorable day of your life.

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