What Companies Should You Have on Speed Dial When Youre a Homeowner?

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities. There are constant repairs and upgrades you must consider in order to keep your home functioning and maintain its value. You must also make sure that you schedule regular inspections to make sure things such as your roofing don’t fall apart or affect your insurance. To better assist you, here’s a list of all home remodelers that you should keep on speed dial.

Roof Company

Your roof protects your home from the elements and is a major part of your structure. Regardless of the material used, your roofing should be inspected at least once a year. However, if you live in certain regions, you may need inspections more often after inclement weather. After all, if you recently suffered through a heavy windstorm or hail storm, your roof may have suffered damage that may not be readily apparent to you. However, your experts at your local roof companies can quickly evaluate your roof to see if additional repairs or a replacement is needed.

All home remodelers value the expertise of a roofer because of the beauty and strength they can add to a home. Your roof is one of the only parts of your home that’s only visible from the outside. So it plays a major role in your exterior aesthetics and curb appeal. Staying in contact with a local roofer can ensure that your roof always looks and functions well. After all, you may need a new roof replacement before you know it. According to Bob Via, a typical roof made from asphalt tiling can last 20 years, but one made from metal or slate can last as long as 50 to 70 years.

Keep a local roofer on speed dial in case you’re dealing with water or air leaks. If there’s any damage to your roof, such as cracks or holes, it makes it easy for water to seep in or for heat to escape. With water damage through your roof, it can create a situation in which your foundation can weaken. If water seeps into your walls, it’ll cause the wood foundation to rot, which can weaken it and create a safety issue for your family. The same water damage can further fester into a mold crisis. According to Qipa, it only takes mold 24 to 72 hours to sprout in a wet environment. As a result, you and your family may deal with asthma or lung infections. Plus, a moldy home can make your home decrease in value, and if you don’t stop the problem in time, your home may be completely unlivable.

Window Company

Why do all home remodelers suggest window replacements? The reason is simple. There are too many homeowners who still have single-pane windows or windows with vulnerabilities due to poor chalking. The problem with a single pane window is they’re not very energy efficient. When you upgrade to double-pane window replacements, your home will experience better energy efficiency and save on related bills. You’ll also have much better protection from the elements. You have even more protection when you get storm windows that can withstand winds up to 100 miles an hour. As fall creeps into winter, protecting your home from heavy rain storms, winds and heavy snowfalls is vital when you live in certain parts of the country. After all, if you have poorly sealed windows, it’s easy for water to creep in and not only cause general water damage but can make it easier to flood your floors.

Windows come in a range of styles and designs to suit any aesthetic. If you’ve visited the Mediterranean, you may have become spoiled with the beauty of French windows and doors. You can have those same types of windows in your American home. All home remodelers also suggest that you make the right window treatment upgrades.

You can install window treatments both on your interior and exterior. Window blinds come in many materials such as wood, metal, and fabric. Combine blinds with other treatments, such as curtains of various transparencies. You may also be interested in popular plantation shutters or automatic shutters.

Landscaping Company

If you have a home with a landscape, don’t waste that precious space. Landscape contractors are recommended by all home remodelers since they can ensure your grass stays green and keep your vegetation looking spectacular. One of the biggest problems on any lawn is weeds. However, professional landscapers know how to use the right fertilizer that can get rid of existing weeds and prevent them from coming back. They also understand that fertilizer isn’t one-size-fits-all, so they use the right feed based on the type of grass you have and other plants such as trees and shrubs. Many homeowners make the mistake of over or underfeeding their plants, but you don’t have to worry about that with a landscape company on hand.

If you’ve ever mowed your lawn, you know how labor-intensive it can be and the type of equipment you need. However, with landscaping professionals mowing your lawn for you, they do more than keep your grass perfectly cut. The professionals know how to maneuver the machines to create beautiful zigzag lines or other shapes in the grass. As a result, you can save plenty of time and energy as a homeowner, since someone is always available to cut your grass and ensure it’s always looking as green as possible.

Of course, your plants can’t survive without an adequate amount of water. However, many homeowners made the mistake of over-watering or under-watering them. Your grass will dry up without enough water, but too much water can also cause root rot. Not only do landscapers know the precise amount of water to use, but they can make things easier by setting up an irrigation system that can provide timed hydration as needed.

Tree Company

One of the standout features of your landscape is your trees. Trees can easily increase your property value for many reasons. Not only do they add to the curb appeal due to their aesthetics, but they also provide improved air quality. Trees also can bear fruit, so depending on the region you’re in, you can enjoy apples, oranges, pears, figs, or nuts right from your own yard. Keeping your trees healthy can ensure that they last decades, which is why all home remodelers suggest a good tree trimming service.

One of the advantages of regular pruning is to ensure that your trees stay healthy and free from illness. Trees need enough breathing room between each one of them for proper airflow and to prevent illness. If their branches are too close together, illness can easily bounce from one to another. Before you know it, you will have a landscape filled with sick trees. Those sick trees can later turn into dead trees, which would be a health and safety hazard.

Trimming also is advantageous when you have fruit-bearing trees. An arborist knows how to prune your trees at the right spot to encourage healthy growth. As a result, your tree could produce more fruit.

In some cases you may need a local tree company for tree removal. You may need emergency help removing a tree that has fallen due to inclement weather or illness. Sometimes you have to remove a tree because of overgrown roots posing a threat to your home foundation or septic tank. Those overgrown roots could puncture your septic tank and cause waste to leak into the soil and water.

Paving Company

As all home remodelers will tell you, having solid and safe pavement is essential. That’s why you should enlist residential driveway paving services if you see cracks or potholes on the surface. Cracks or potholes can be a liability on your property, whether you or anyone else is walking or driving. When you don’t fill up cracks in a timely manner, they continue to spread. Whether it’s asphalt or concrete, the cracks will continue to get worse, and before you know it, instead of just relying on repairs, you may have to take up the surface and completely repave your driveway or walkway from scratch.

Paved driveway can add to your home curb appeal as it’s one of the more visible areas of your exterior. Imagine the dark and shiny surface glistening in the sun as people drive or walk by. Rest assured your car tires won’t suffer any damage when driving up to your garage.

Countertop Company

Countertops are a major part of any kitchen design. All home remodelers look to countertop replacements when revamping your kitchen look. If you don’t already have a granite countertop, that’s often the go-to pick to create a luxury home. Granite is one of the hardest stones on the planet, so it’s extremely durable and can last for a couple of decades with proper care. You just have to remember to seal it every few years to protect it from stains and scratches. Marble is another beautiful natural stone that can give your kitchen an air of luxury.

If you don’t mind engineered stone, you should consider quartz countertop replacements. Quartz has gained popularity over the years due to its beauty and how customizable it is. Since it’s an engineered stone, manufacturers can add different colors and specs to help match your kitchen theme.

Garage Door Company

Imagine your home without a functioning garage door. Your garage helps protect your cars from theft as well as the elements. A secure garage door also adds to the installation of your home. When your garage door no longer functions properly, it can be a safety issue as it can possibly crash down upon you or your vehicle. Don’t forget about the aesthetics a new garage door can bring. In addition to calling upon garage door repair companies to keep the motor functioning, you can also see if they handle new installations.

Painting Company

All homeowners should always keep local interior painting companies on speed dial. As all home remodelers will tell you, interior paintwork can give you an ROI as high as 107%, according to Bob Vila. Interior painting professionals can have your walls looking new again. After they make minor repairs to dents or cracks, they’ll clean and sandblast your walls. They finish up by covering them with high-quality paint and finishes.

Floor Company

Is it time to update your floors? All home remodelers will often suggest a flooring installer who specializes in various types of wooden floors. After all, hardwood is highly sought after by most homeowners and can last as long as a century with proper maintenance. If hardwood is out of your budget, consider engineered wood, which is also beautiful, versatile, and comes in a range of colors and styles. If you want heated floors in your home, engineered wood floors make it possible. You’re not relegated to only wood floors, as you can also invest in beautiful stone floors, ceramic tiles, and high-quality carpets.

Fence Company

Is your home protected by a fence? Do you have a fence that has begun to look worn down? If so, it’s time to call fence installer services that can either give you a new fence or repair your existing one. A quality fence adds to your curb appeal and can keep out pests and intruders. While a white picket fence is often symbolic of American suburban life, you can have a fence in any color or style you choose. So have fun and have a bright-colored fence that matches your home design, a trendy color, your favorite color, or one that simply makes your home stand out from all the others in the neighborhood..

You can see there are many services you should keep up with as a homeowner. There’s a reason why all home remodelers suggest these services for you. Whether you want to protect your home, have beautiful floors, walk around an attractive landscape, or drive on a safe driveway, these contractors can make all of these things possible..

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