Which Rooms Should You Plan to Remodel This Year?

There will come a time when your home requires a total makeover. Minor layout and spacing changes, decluttering, and appliance upgrades are all cost-efficient steps to refresh the home’s scenery, allowing you to adjust your living conditions to fit your tastes and preferences, even just a little bit. However, those could all be temporary fixes. Eventually, you might reach a point where a total home makeover becomes necessary, making you consider significant remodeling projects that can completely transform your indoor lifestyle.

Of course, home renovations will cost a lot, making it necessary to plan for its budget. The average cost of a total home renovation is around $41,600, reaching as high as $82,000 for bigger homes. It shows how much homeowners invest to improve their homes to match their evolving needs and preferences. However, doing the renovations yourself can be challenging, especially when you factor in the potential additional expenses that amateur construction quality can incur. As a result, you must hire home upgrade pros to help you, especially in these areas.

Living Room

When upgrading rooms in the home, you might want to start with the ones often used. Improving the area that benefits the entire family will make the investment worthwhile. While you might consider every public area, the living room stands out as the penultimate choice for several reasons. First, it is the space where family gatherings and social activities happen the most. Creating a warm atmosphere will ensure that family members, relatives, and guests can make fun memories there, making it a beloved room inside the house. The living room is also the first area you will go to when entering through the front door. As a result, it can be a significant factor for property value boosts. Those reasons alone can be enough to encourage you to start hiring home upgrade pros.

However, you might not know where to start when upgrading the living room. Homeowners have unique preferences regarding what the area should look like, especially when people have different hobbies or relaxation techniques. You can start with a generic task like transforming the walls or applying a fresh coat of living room paint that can breathe new life into the space. Local painting companies can provide expert advice on application and color and pattern selection, ensuring that you have a harmonious design. Then, you can use your applied wall paint to guide furniture selection, allowing you to complement the walls. Your coffee tables, entertainment centers, and couches will all become one with the room.

After tackling the easy part of living room improvements, you can focus on the essential upgrades. Upgrading the flooring can be ideal, especially when the existing ones already have visible wear-and-tear marks. You can opt for hardwood installation for a classic look or add a luxurious carpet for added comfort. Home remodeling companies can help you with those installations. They can perform the installations quickly and carefully, ensuring you can use the living room after a few days of hard work. They can also make technological upgrades like smart thermostat additions or entertainment system integration to enhance the living room. Home upgrade pros can handle those complicated tasks, which might require them to tap into the home’s electrical and ventilation system. With those experts at the helm, you can rest assured that the living room enhancements will be in good hands.


Comfort will always be a vital aspect of why homeowners upgrade their homes. Everything about the home should scream comfortable, and none requires it more than the bathroom. The area is where people refresh themselves, cleaning and bathing to ensure they can feel rejuvenated. Of course, their experience in an outdated and unkept bathroom might not be as ideal as they want it to be, especially when they visit hotels or a friend’s home with a better-looking bathroom. As a result, people might want to tap home upgrade pros to elevate their bathroom’s atmosphere.

When considering bathroom upgrades, the fixtures should be the top priority. Faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, and toilets might require enhancements or replacements to enhance the area’s aesthetic appeal, water efficiency, and functionality. The existing tiles might also need upgrades to modernize the space, and you have plenty of options. You can choose from classic ceramic material to sleek porcelain or luxurious marble tiles. Moreover, you can upgrade the lighting fixtures to create a more inviting ambiance to the area. Having a dimmer can turn your routine shower into a relaxing body-cleansing retreat. Your local bathroom remodeler can handle all those upgrades.

However, the most favored bathroom upgrade homeowners want is the addition of an aesthetic vanity section. The bathroom amenity serves as a practical storage solution and centerpiece of the room’s design. Cabinets for medicine, hygiene products, makeup, toiletries, and other items in the bathroom will be essential, making it necessary to partner with a wholesale cabinet supplier. They have a broad range of customizable options, ensuring your vanity section is both practical and visually appealing. The mirrors in front of the sink will also be vital, and getting high-quality ones with installed lighting can be the preferred choice. Home upgrade pros specializing in bathroom renovations can accommodate those design trends, ensuring the area is modernized to your comfort.


You know well that a kitchen renovation is a must when giving the home a total makeover. Renovating the area is not just modernizing the heart of your home; it’s also a strategic investment. A kitchen renovation can significantly boost property value, with a 70%-80% return on investment average in the cards for homeowners. Because of its marketability and resale potential, a revamped kitchen can make all the difference in home improvement for both living satisfaction and equity-building strategies. However, you will require home upgrade pros to perform the essential enhancements on the kitchen.

Every modern kitchen design follows a singular centerpiece: a countertop. Countertops can provide homeowners with a functional workspace where they can perform cooking steps with ease and comfort while also allowing them to have an area where they can interact with family members. Investing in high-quality countertops will also elevate the kitchen’s visual appeal, especially when you opt for materials like granite, marble, or quartz. Home upgrade pros can provide a countertop installation service to transform the look and feel of your kitchen, providing it with the centerpiece it needs to jumpstart modernization efforts.

However, partnering with a local kitchen remodeling contractor will be vital for the other essential upgrades. Lighting fixtures, kitchen appliance upgrades, flooring, and wall renovations will all require professional handling because they interact with the plumbing network, power lines, and gas pipes. The remodeling contractor also knows how to transform the kitchen from a gas-powered area to an electrical one, allowing homeowners to enjoy energy efficiency. Getting home upgrade pros will be vital as they have the expertise and resources to perform those renovations safely. They also know the regional building codes and regulations, ensuring your kitchen design is functional and compliant.

Laundry Room

Now that the significant areas of the home are covered, you can start focusing on those that require upgrades for the home’s structural integrity. Often, the laundry room will not receive any attention because its singular purpose is to ensure you have clean clothes. Because of its frequent use, functionality is prioritized over aesthetic appeal for the laundry room. However, it would not hurt if you wanted to be in a service area that felt pleasant. If you improved the essential places like the bathroom and kitchen, you might as well take your shot at the laundry room.

When considering renovations for the laundry room, prioritizing functionality and aesthetics is crucial. One essential upgrade for homeowners to consider is installing luxury vinyl flooring, which combines durability with a visually appealing finish. Luxury vinyl flooring is water-resistant, easy to clean, and comes in various styles, making it ideal for a space prone to spills and moisture. All those are essential to prevent water damage on floors and walls, which could compromise the home’s structural integrity. Additionally, incorporating storage solutions such as cabinets and shelving can help maximize space and keep the room organized. Investing in energy-efficient appliances reduces utility costs and adds a modern touch to the room. Consult home upgrade pros to optimize the layout and design, ensuring the laundry room meets both practical needs and aesthetic preferences.

Garage Door

If the reason behind your total home makeover is a property value boost, you can focus on curb appeal. Maintaining a healthy garden, adding outdoor amenities, and installing fences are reasonable first steps. However, those improvements are projects you can do yourself. Where you might need home upgrade pros could be the garage door. Unlike other exterior features, upgrading the garage door requires specialized skills and expertise. Doing it yourself might cause you to miss critical issues, costing you money and time when you make mistakes.

When you hire home upgrade pros, you can benefit from an efficient and aesthetic garage door upgrade. They can perform a garage door inspection to uncover issues that might be invisible to the untrained eye. They can also select the right style and material to install the door correctly. Whether installing a more energy-efficient door or adding smart technology for enhanced security and convenience, these professionals can ensure that the garage door improvement project gets carried out effectively and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the homeowner’s daily life.

While garage door upgrades can significantly enhance a home’s appearance and functionality, it’s essential not to overlook other aspects of the garage, such as insulation and flooring. Improving insulation helps regulate temperature and energy efficiency, making the garage a more comfortable space year-round. Additionally, upgrading flooring can enhance safety and durability. Rubberized flooring and epoxy coating are often the go-to materials for garage flooring, and they can pick the right choices to match the aesthetics of your interior.


Renovating bedrooms feels like an individual renovation task because it depends on the room owner’s preferences, but you should also consider them as vital areas to prioritize for improvements. Bedrooms serve as intimate sanctuaries within the household, reflecting the individual tastes and preferences of their occupants. Through thoughtful renovation, homeowners can tailor these spaces to align perfectly with their lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether creating a tranquil retreat or a vibrant and energizing space, the renovation of bedrooms allows for a personalization that extends beyond mere functionality, turning them into comfort and style havens.

Several key factors will play a role in the desired outcome for bedroom renovations. The layout and spatial arrangement should be optimized to maximize functionality and comfort. This may involve repositioning furniture, installing built-in storage solutions, or altering the room’s structure. Even a simple window change might be enough for the renovation. You can partner with a local window replacement contractor to help you with the process. Additionally, attention should be paid to lighting, color schemes, and decor choices to create the desired atmosphere. Incorporating elements such as natural light through local window replacement can brighten the space and contribute to energy efficiency and overall well-being.

While some aspects of bedroom renovation can be tackled through DIY efforts, certain personalizations may necessitate the expertise of renovation contractors. This is particularly true for structural modifications, electrical or plumbing work, or intricate design elements. Professionals possess the skills, experience, and resources to execute complex projects efficiently and safely, ensuring optimal results. Whether installing custom cabinetry, revamping flooring, or integrating smart home technology, relying on qualified professionals can streamline the renovation process and deliver exceptional outcomes that can contribute to the visual appeal and personalized functionality of the bedroom space.

Of course, upgrading a home requires proper planning and budgeting. A total home makeover will take months to plan and thousands of dollars to accomplish. Going into the project without preparation will cause inconvenience and delays, making the home feel uncomfortable. It is the opposite of what a home improvement project should provide, making it necessary to go into it with a strategy. Knowing which rooms to prioritize for improvements, you can find the appropriate home upgrade pros to help you. Together with those professionals, you can build a home that your entire family will love and cherish.

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