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Around 750,000 franchise businesses are currently in operation withing the United States. With so many franchises, brand management is extremely important. A web content management system can benefit franchises by allowing one site, including corporate sites, to publish to multiple sites simultaneously while still allowing the sites to be monitored and controlled. Of course, not all companies specialize in this type of brand management.

Business franchises have been popular since the franchising of McDonalds, though the fast food restaurant is not the first to franchise, and with the growing internet age, brand control is necessary because anyone can go online to discuss a business. Of course, franchises are growing just as fast as the internet, with over 170,000 new jobs being created annually. Also, the current economical situation and fear of lessened job security has bumped up franchising opportunities and growth.

With franchising becoming more and more popular brand management becomes more important. Website development companies dedicate their time to creating and managing franchise websites, but not all of them offer the same brand management. Certain companies specialize in developing programs that allow companies to manage multiple websites at once. Allowing information to easily be spread from one main site to hundreds or even thousands of sites.

For example, one company could have 100 franchises with each franchise having its own website. When that company is holding a special deal or event, brand management allows the information to be posted on the main site and simultaneously be spread to the other hundred. It makes managing companies and franchise opportunities much simpler. With brand management making things simpler for companies and franchises, it opens more doors for franchising which, in turn, creates more jobs. It is in these ways that economical opportunities arise, creating better technologies and molding a culture out of business and development.

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