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Archive for June 27, 2013

Why Businesses Need Internet Merchant Accounts

Written by admin. Posted in B2b credit card processing, Internet merchant accounts, Level 3 processing

Online credit card processing

The sales from the e commerce industry have been increasing at a steady rate. It is estimated that from the year 2002 to 2011, the e commerce industry jumped from making a profit of 72 billion dollars to 256 billion dollars. Businesses that wish to join this growing industry should consider creating Internet merchant accounts.

Internet merchant accounts are specialized banking or processing accounts that allow companies to accept credit card and debit payments over the Internet. Special security measures, such as PCI or Payment Card Industry compliance guarantee that the handing and processing of credit card and debit card information is secure.

General merchant accounts do not have the security or clearance to offer this type of service. This means that if a business wishes to start accepti