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Interviewing potential candidates who are looking for a career in sales can be tricky. The sales recruiter needs to look for relevant skills in the candidate, such as trainability, confidence, aptitude, likability and more. When an executive recruiter is interviewing candidates, they must assess the candidate’s education, related job experience, aptitude, knowledge and qualifications in order to find someone who is suitable for a career in sales. One of the key traits to look for in a job applicant that wants a career in sales is confidence. You have to possess a high level of self confidence in yourself and your product in order to sell it. You cannot separate confidence from selling. All applicants must be willing to go through the sales training your company provides in order to give your business the best ROI.

However, most sales recruiters know that confidence is something that takes time to develop. Knowing the product well and knowing the competition well is something that is necessary too. Learning all about the different sales techniques successful salespersons use can turn a lackluster salesman into one that becomes the highest performer on any sales team. However, the truth of the matter is that 22 percent of the people who want careers in sales are untrainable. Companies that hire sales staff have to face the stark reality that their sales staff is going to miss quota 40 percent of the time and that only 10 percent on most sales team can produce a good return on your hiring investment dollar. The best option is to hire a sales recruiting firm to screen out candidates who want a career in sales. It takes a professional sales consultant to identify the best candidates for hire during the sales interviewing sessions.

Hiring an executive search consultant means you also get the benefit of their services for sales management and training for your current sales staff as well. A sales consulting firm will be there to train your sales staff on how to use contact management software to bring them current and up to date on their technical skills. In today’s day and age, technology plays a vital role in sales. More people than ever are going online and using social sites to get information on products. An effective sales team should also receive training on how to use social websites online for selling services and products online today.

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