Buying your first home? Take a look at Wyoming

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Are you looking into buying a home in the great state of Wyoming? Maybe you’re aware that the Equality State is home to seven national parks that played host to nearly six million visitors in 2011 alone. If nature is your thing then there are few better places you could look than in Wyoming. Jackson Hole Wyoming realtors offer many people homes in beautiful, scenic locations that can accommodate the nature lover in all of us. The fact is whether you’re in the first steps to buying first home or in the very last, help buying a home in Big Wyoming is readily available to you.

Perhaps you’re not yet convinced of the state’s wonders. For those buying a luxury home, consider this. Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, and former Vice President of the United States Cheney all own Jackson hole real estate. If those big names aren’t enough to draw you in, maybe the fact that Wyoming’s personal tax burden is the second lowest in all of the United States will. This is due to the fact that Wyoming gets most of its state revenue through its two main industries; mineral extraction and tourism.

Big Wyoming isn’t without its share of historical figures either. In 1971, Bill Briggs became the first man to ski down the nearly fourteen thousand foot Grand Teton in the state’s Grand Teton National Park, later being inducted into the United States National Ski Hall of Fame.

Whatever your pleasure, be it high end log homes or something a bit more contemporary, the Equality State has it in spades. Fresh air, open country, and many wonderful parks are here for those with a sense of adventure. Low taxes, celebrity, and beautiful home architecture styles are here for those looking to live a life of freedom and class. Take those steps to buying first home in the great state of Wyoming. To see more, read this. To learn more, read this.

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